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I thank God for being the pillar of my family. I wish for you, an even happier married life. In the event of certain people coming to ask you the ingredient of repairing a wobbly marriage, tell them to first set it as a goal, to write that they intend to repair such a marriage, to make it wonderful, happy and peaceful within a specified period, say three months. 

This approach of praying on paper is presenting the matter before God. Next, tell them to open what I call “a marriage register,” which is nothing more than a notebook where they will write about 100 things they love about their spouse. They could take their mind back to those early days of dating and recall and write all the attractive features; the complementary virtues that brought them together. As they write, they relive the feelings of love they used to share.

The combination of goal setting, writing and feeling grateful for the strength in the spouse will bring very dramatic transformation in their thinking and as a result, in their matrimonial life. What you write about and feel grateful about, you bring about. Now, what do you love? What will you love about your own spouse? Write here: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The trouble with most wobbly marriages is simple. The couples forget the strengths of their spouses and remember, and replay in their heads, only the weaknesses. They think only about what their spouse is not doing well and ignore the great things that brought them together in the first place. Do not forget that whatever you think about, you bring about. They bring about more negative qualities in themselves until the marriage becomes intolerable. 

This can be reversed by writing every day and reviewing the qualities they love in their spouses. Then these positive virtues and the great feelings that go with them begin to loom large in their minds until the marriage is once again as wonderful as it is supposed to be.

Now write what you want to help your children and spouse to attain in the course of your life. Education, culture of personal development, goal setting skill, career advancement, etc. Ask, “In what great ways do I want to touch their lives?” Write all down in the space provided.

This is the last part of the Section Seven.

So, tomorrow, we start with the Section Eight.

Until then, this is your friend, and fellow passenger, along the path to personal progress and happiness. 

©Abib Olamitoye. 

Be of good cheer. 
Be happy.
Be fulfilled.
Be grateful.
Be blessed.

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