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Good morning all, Today, I present the first part of the Section Two of Thirteen; *WHAT I WANT MY CHILD TO KNOW ABOUT BUILDING A GREAT LIFE* *CHAPTER ONE* *THE GREAT ROUTE TOWARDS A GREAT LIFE* *SECTION TWO* *GOALS* Now, set your goals. You will need a pen for this purpose. Get a functional pen right away. I will take you through six areas of desire. You will write as instructed. At the end, you will have a comprehensive goal. Comprehensive goals grant accelerated results. You will need to creatively imagine life with the gratification of the following desires. 1. What I want to be. 2. What I want to learn. 3. What I want to do. 4. What I want to have. 5. What I want to give/what I want to give up. 6. What/who I want to forgive. *1. What do you want to be or become?* _If you would create something. You must be something._ *- Von Goethe.* Now begin to write. In goals, as in golf, you cannot set the course for where you are going, until you know where you are. For me, as you know, I am a father, a husband, a doctor, a writer, a teacher, a leader, a speaker and a friend. I strive to be the very best in these various positions. What are you today? Write in the space below: ________________________________________________________________________________________ Now, what do you want to become during the course of your life? Do you want to be a wife, parent, clergy, pastor, doctor, engineer, lawyer, pilot, musician, bishop, president, chief executive officer, politician, governor, coach, footballer, author, professor or a senator? You must really want this. Come up with your own combination of desires. Like I said, you want to break a record. This is the bit I carry the capacity to send today. Tomorrow, we continue with the next part on the *Section Two*. To get this book within Africa, Log on to https://goo.gl/q8HLiv To get this book Outside Africa, Log on to https://goo.gl/m9AkVX Until then, this is your friend, and fellow passenger, along the path to personal progress and happiness. ©Abib Olamitoye. Please, Be of good cheer. Be happy. Be fulfilled. Be grateful. Be blessed.

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